Melrose Inc. provides entrepreneurs with timely and affordable financial acumen, access to third party capital, and a unique investment perspective for their business. By engaging Melrose in these areas, your business can achieve it’s corporate objectives. Additionally, Melrose offers alternative corporate lending to fund your business initiatives now.


Corporate Valuations

We can conduct rigorous due diligence and provide formal evaluations of companies.

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Raising Capital

We will optimize your capital structure and assist you in raising money.

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Alternative Corporate Lending

We provide customized loans to fund your initiatives quickly so you can focus on running your business.

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Mergers & Acquistions

We can execute the M&A process for you; including due diligence, valuation, structure and negotiation.

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Strategic Financial Planning & Investing

We can improve your financial performance through our strategic financial analysis.

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Sale of Your Business

We can execute the entire sales process, ensuring you realize the highest valuation for your business.

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We help you make better
strategic financial decisions.

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