Strengthening Redrock Camp’s Business

Company Description:  
Redrock Camps Inc. is a Canadian company headquartered in Calgary, Alberta with operational facilities located in Grande Prairie and Edmonton. They design and operate mid-sized camps across Western Canada, providing turn-key workforce hospitality solutions for industries operating in remote areas.

The Task:
Financial advisor to assist in the acquisition of a competitor. Specifically, the mandate was to complete due diligence on the target to identify its fundamental sources of value as well as it operational and financial risks; provide insights into how to integrate the acquisition and prepare a valuation of the target.

Melrose was able to mobilize quickly and accurately assess this investment opportunity for us.

A Quote from the President:
“We needed a financial executive to initiate a rigorous due diligence process for us. Melrose did a financial evaluation of the target, ensuring alignment with our business. This was expertise we did not have internally and need access to in short order. Aided by Melrose’s financial analysis and insights we were able to purchase the target at a fair valuation and have enjoyed the financial returns we anticipated.”

Troy Ferguson
President, Redrock Camps Inc.

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