How Melrose Added Value to INLIV’s Business

Company Description:
Inliv is in the corporate wellness and private medical healthcare industry in Alberta. They work closely with individuals and larger entities to provide premium medical, corporate, cosmetic, and personal health and fitness services.

The Task:

Inliv’s management team realizes the pressing need to add senior financial acumen to  analyze their business lines, rationalize them, and pursue new ones. This involves assisting in strategic planning, budgeting, and implementing capital investment. Today, Inliv has improved its financial performance.

By implementing Gene’s rigorous planning and budgeting process, we are able to make significant operational changes leading to better financial performance. As we continue to pursue new growth initiatives, our capital budgeting process has greatly improved as we now financially stress test our business model to a much greater degree, increasing our probability of financial success.

A Quote from the President:

“Gene’s portfolio management background provides us a unique investment viewpoint. His financial analysis focuses on how a third party investor would financially evaluate our business. The bottom line is Gene has been instrumental in improving our return on equity”.

“Gene’s experience with entrepreneurial companies has led to impactful strategic insights. He has become an integral part of our executive team and my trusted advisor.”

Vince Danielsen

President, Inliv

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