The Company:
Datalog Technology is an oilfield service company that provides innovative formation evaluation solutions to the international petroleum industry. Datalog’s international business provides traditional manned mudlogging field services to clients in Latin America, the Middle East and Africa.

The Mandate:

  1. Financial M&A advisor. Specifically, the mandate was to manage the sale of our international divisions including relationships with potential suitors and the acquisition process – due diligence, deal structuring, tax advisory and negotiation.
  2. Financial advisor to assist in sale of domestic business. Our domestic business is technologically advanced and required sophisticated knowledge and expertise. Gene was able to tap into his established capital market network to find us a qualified third party oil service specialist.
  3. Interim Chief Financial Officer: when our controller departed, Gene was able to step in during a major company restructuring and manage our financial affairs including cashflow management, the accounting process and relationships with bankers, auditors and tax advisors while simultaneously managing the sale off the business.

Quote from President:

Gene’s mandate spanned two years. He is an experienced capital markets advisor who has the know-how and network to complete strategic capital market transactions. Being an entrepreneur himself, he can adapt easily to challenging situations and is comfortable dealing with economic uncertainty.

Rob Duthie, President

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