Before a company can raise third party capital, it must have a proper financial structure, polices and procedures. Melrose has the financial know-how to guide you through, and execute these prerequisites. We can connect you with capital markets and/or strategic investors to assist you with your strategic initiatives.

Services include:

  • Optimize your capital structure (debt and equity).
  • Execute the necessary financial and legal prerequisites to attract third party investors.
  • Identify financial/operational risks that can be mitigated prior to initiating contact with outside parties.
  • Provide valuation of your business.
  • Prepare investor marketing materials.
  • Manage the capital-raising process.
  • Provide access to capital market providers and strategic investors.
  • Corporate lending. (Learn more).
  • Raising third party capital.

We ensure your financial policies are in place allowing you to unlock the inherent value of your business.


To learn more how we can help you achieve your corporate objectives, please connect with us.

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